Purple Condiment with Grapemust

$ 7.00


• This ancient recipe for Purple Grape Mustard is perpetuated by the House of Denoix founded in 1839. This tradition of excellence has been handed down through the generations and today Denoix prides itself in using only the finest ingredients to produce the authentic taste of this Purple Condiment.


• It is made from grape must, mustard seeds, wine, vinegar, water, salt and spices.


• There is no better condiment for saucisson than French mustard. The earthy tang of this delicious mustard will not only enhance charcuterie but also roast pork, beef and duck. Used in salad vinaigrettes, Purple Grape Mustard will provide a wine-friendly match.


• Each jar contains 7 ounces net weight of Purple Grape Mustard Condiment by Maison Denoix from France.


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